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We create multi-purpose web-based database management systems

Advanced business-oriented data capture and management solution.
Integrates with MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and can complement mobile data capture solutions to provide a web-based interface for data manipulation and producing insightful reports.
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web-based database management system

Manage databases In your browser.

Multiple access levels, advanced data entry, reporting and more.
No Installation
Our web-based solution has zero impact on your existing network infrastructure.
Access the application securely in your browser, from any device, anywhere in the world.
Advanced Data Entry
Create custom user access roles with advanced data validation logic to minimise user input errors and improve the efficiency of your business processes.
Insightful Reports
Easily generate 4 types of reports (bar, line, pie, doughnut), export to CSV or PDF, or unleash the full power directly within your browser and generate graphs based on your own custom SQL queries.

Interface Preview

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1 Click Reports
Advanced Fields
Data Entry

web-based database management system Features

Overview of the main aspects of our solution. The scope can be explicitly defined to suit your business operations.

Web hosted

Always online, with zero impact on your existing network infrastructure.

Custom Databases

We support MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

Responsive Design

Access your application from any device, anywhere in the world.

Custom Features

You have control over the entire logical structure of the application.

User Groups

Restrict access to certain elements of the application to the user groups you define.


Receive email notifications based on triggers you define, such as low stock alerts.

Custom API

Communicate to the database securely via our API endpoints.


Translate the entire interface in one of the 22 languages supported at the click of a button.

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23+ Years Experience
We understand and support operational business needs for large enterprises, while also helping SMEs achieve scalability.
UK Based
We have supported the growth of various FTSE 100 companies, as well as other global busineses around the world.
Scalable Solutions
Our solutions are designed to set you ahead of the curve, and help with shifting your focus to tomorrow's growth plans.
Positive ROI
Proven track record of over-delivering on our promise. Your business goals are the driving force of every conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the database hosted?

We can host and provide a fast and secure GDPR friendly-environment for your database on one of our UK or EU servers. Alternatively, we can accomodate an existing database on your servers.

Where is the application hosted?

The application will be hosted on one of our secure servers within the UK, or the EU.

What's involved in developing a web app?

Although the answer generally varies depending on your requirements, the most common case scenario is comprised of 3 steps: define requirements, develop the application (and database), and provide you with a URL which you will use to login and manage your database.

What types of web apps do you develop?

Our web applications are tailored to your needs. For example, digitalising the visitor sign-in form at the reception desk - we provide mobile-friendly solutions to replace the clipboard and pen with a tablet. Simply access a secure URL (via a tablet/PC in your reception area, or a QR code) and allow your visitors to self-register, which not only makes registering more efficient, but it also allows you to generate reports and instantly lookup a particular visitor and their information, from anywhere in the world.

Can I manage my warehouse/factory data?

Yes, you can. We specialise in providing bespoke data capture solutions which use handheld scanners/mobile devices to communicate to the database. For example, if you manage multiple warehouses, we can provide a turnkey solution for your warehouse staff to track assets/inventory, and provide managers with an overview of the stock levels at all times, including email alerts for specific stock thresholds, all securely accessible from anywhere in the world.

Are your solutions GDPR compliant?

Yes, we take all the necessary measures in order to protect and handle your (and your customer's) data according to the best practices of GDPR.

What are the database limits?

We do not impose any limitations on the number of database records, or on the number of users your application can have. We easily accomodate databases with millions of records and complex joins.

Do you provide custom APIs?

We can provide API endpoints to your database to establish a secure and controlled communication channel between an external application and your database. We generally use this ourselves if your web application also requires a counterpart data capture solution for example, such as handheld scanners which communicate with your database.

Are the application, API, and database secure?

All traffic is routed via HTTPS, and we use secure libraries developed by Auth0 to authenticate users and communicate to the database, which have achieved a Level 2 audit Gold CSA Star certification and are also compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) that require strict security controls and processes for transacting customer data (including payment card data).

Is my data backed up?

If we host your database, we can arrange for secure backups (also GDPR compliant) on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, or any other frequency you may prefer. Otherwise you would need to arrange your own on-site or off-site backups.

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